A summer cocktail: Ginger, Mint and aperol spritz


First published on IN BED STORE.

I love Aperol spritzes for their festive orange garnishes, and for the-ritzy woman-who-vacations-on-the-Amalfi-coast-and-owns-many-patterned-headscarves lifestyle they denote. I love kombucha for its associations with yoga, for making me feel like the kind of flexible and spiritually-buoyant human who could correctly execute more than one pose* if they felt like it, and also for its promise of extraordinary gut health. Both are aspirational beverages for me, and despite the contradictory lifestyles they denote, good things - great things, in fact - happen when they are introduced.

This spritz is fresh and sharp and the right amount of bitter. Boozier than its traditional self, and less sweet than your run-of-the mill holiday cocktail; it’s apt for long afternoons, Christmas parties, and delicate mornings-after (though maybe sans liquor). It also takes about twenty-something-seconds to throw together, and can be scaled up for a crowd in a punch bowl.

*I have currently mastered Balasana, or Child’s Pose, which is essentially lying on the floor in a horizontal-brace position.  

Photo Sep 21, 12 54 17 PM.jpg

Here’s the ratio:

1 part Aperol
1 part gin or vodka
2 parts ginger kombucha
2 parts champagne or sparkling wine
A splash of gin, or vodka, if you’re really down to celebrate
a slice of orange for each serving
a scant handful fresh mint for each serving, rubbed in your hand for a moment to release the flavour
That’s it! That’s legit the whole thing. Serve it over ice and stir gently to combine. Saluti / Namaste!