I recently had a chat with the good people over at Baileys about what you're likely to find on my bar cart. To cut a long story short, this is what you'll find on my bar cart. 

What are your bar cart essentials?

I tend to gravitate toward the predictably girly options; vodka, lemon, soda water. Angostura bitters, always, because my mum would always add a dash of it to lemonade when I was little. I also went all out and bought these fancy coupe champagne glasses, despite my dangling alarmingly close to the poverty line usually preventing me from drinking actual fancy champagne from them. Also Baileys, over ice, natch. 

How do you style your bar cart or area?

Seeing as my apartment is roughly the size of a beach towel, my bar area tends to be fairly ad hoc and dependant on whichever surface happens to be available. The only decorative things I buy are flowers from the bodega around the corner from me that are yet to exceed a seven hour lifespan. But I keep going back, like a desperate ex girlfriend, hoping it will be different next time. I also have a couple of Mason Balzac candles scattered about, and an APC orange blossom candle that may be my favourite smell in the world. 

Where do you stock up on great accessories?

I don't really, my bar cart is hilariously unequipped and until about three days ago I was still trapped in that awkward phase of opening cider bottles with a lighter. My cocktail shaker and stirrer are from Whisk on Bedford Avenue. I stock up on linens and tea towels from The Assembly and MUR. The decanter is from The Brooklyn Kitchen. I also have a jar of rose petals that I smuggled back through customs from the Grand Bizarre in Istanbul which I obnoxiously sprinkle over every single cocktail I make for people. 

What's the key to the perfect night out with the girls? 

The right girls. 

What's your favourite bar in your town?

It's stereotypical but the view at The Ides at the top of the Wythe Hotel is the business.